Lifestyle & Introduction

– Our Background –

Together we are son and daughter of Christ. We are mother and father. We are builders and creators. We are seekers and lovers. We are born again believers.


By trade, I am a Aerospace Tig Welder. By design, I am an aspiring builder of motorcycles/ card artist magician/ urban & desolate survivalist/ leather goods maker/ seeker of truth through trial and error.

I am a mother, a novice seamstress, a book worm, and a poet. I am a soon-to-be Student Midwife. Serving women is my passion; birth is such an intimate moment to be present with a becoming mother and most of all, the Lord!


Our goal with this project is to share our lifestyle with the intent that you will leave our site with something valuable each time. Through various posts, videos, and other techniques of passing information along, we hope that our readers/viewers will utilize any content they deem beneficial, and apply the learned information to their lives. We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our site; our content will serve both men and women, written by both a man and a woman. Building this project helps us grow closer to each other, and we hope it will help you grow closer to your neighbors, wives, husbands, nature- and most importantly, the Lord.



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